Frequently Asked Questions:

"Man is a selfish creature. Everything in life is a selfish act. Man is not concerned with helping others, yet he wants others to believe he is. Inasmuch as selfishness is akin to pride, and vanity considered the Devil's work, the first rule of the prideful is to make an exhibition of piety and charity, with a Good guy Badge to pin to his lapel."

Anton Szandor LaVey - The Devil's Notebook


         What are the benefits of joining the Orders?

       You will get real self knowledge that will also mean knowledge of others and that is the magician's greatest weapon of all.

      We have an unlimited online library with some rare hard to find works. It is updated often as well.

      Once you reach third degree and have proven to be a Man/Woman of your word and honor then you will see the benefits of being in a global blood oathed Bro/Sisterhood. It is like having a much bigger extended family.

      You will learn traditional methods of initiation that will; develop your will, being and knowledge. Our initiators and mentors will guide you through our degree works regardless of whether or not you are close to a lodge.

       Becoming an integrated balanced person with a real sense of direction in life. As well as guidance from others that have walked the path before you who can in turn help you to avoid the mistakes they have made before, so you can go even farther than they did in less time.

      Learn leadership skills through working in the hierarchy based on working knowledge and service to the order.

   Will joining the Illuminati Order make me rich and famous?

    No, but the self discipline and knowledge you gain through the degree works should give you the focusing of your will that will enable you to do what you will to do.

    Does the Illuminati worship the Devil?

    We use Baphomet as a symbol of the Great Work and reconciliation of opposites. The word Devil also comes from

 deva (n.) Look up deva at"god, good spirit" in Hindu religion, from Sanskrit deva "a god," originally "a shining one," from *div- "to shine," thus cognate with Greek dios "divine" and Zeus, and Latin deus "god" (Old Latin deivos); see Zeus

     The order saying in Deus est Homo man is god and as you can see the root of Devil deals with that god and we use antinomian means such as Baphomet that would throw off the profane shackles to realizing our own godhood and divinity within.

      Why do members pay dues and money for degrees?

    Historically no organization has existed without financial backing from it's membership. The only exception is the A.:A.: Astrum Argentum. The Knights Templar would originally demand all that you had materially be given to the order itself and if a crusaders body was recovered with money it would be thrown to the dogs rather than have a proper burial. 

     The $45.00 dollar fee is a small requirement considering the time a mentor or initiator puts into guiding an initiate.  The dues keep our site and communications going as well as Grand Lodge Othroerir functioning properly.  We keep the monthly due small, but if every member pays it then it keeps the order afloat.  

       As for another example in the black stage of alchemy the first phase a renunciation of money deals much with the phase. The teacher Gurdjieff would ask no money of his Eastern students considering they where not attached to it to begin with. On the other hand his Western students he would ask for large some of money because he knew they identified with it and their sincerity could be determined through money itself.

      Anyone out there that is whining about supporting the organization they belong to is most likely just a psychic vampire and our degree fees help to weed out these time wasters that would horde time that could be put into producing initiates of the Great Work and the leaders that will go on to shape the N.W.O. social revolution.

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