The dues rate is as follows:

Sustaining  Dues = $5.00 (US) per month - if you make less than $2,000.00 (US) per month;

      Benefactor Dues = $10.00 (US) per month - if you make between $2,000.00-$3,500.00 (US) per month;

      Premier Dues = $25.00 (US) per month - if you make more than $3,500.00 (US) per month.

     Then there are Patron Dues = $50.00 (US) per month for those well off or just wanting to make more of a contribution to the orders.


Sustaining due- $5.00 monthly

Sustaining dues - $60.00 entire year

Benefactor due- $10.00 monthly

Benefactor dues- $120.00 yearly

Premier  due - $25.00 monthly  

Premier  dues - $300.00 yearly

Patron due - $50.00 monthly

Patron dues - $600.00 yearly

Members that pay an entire year dues will receive a member card which will be valid for the entire year of dues paid.

This member card will include their chosen photo image and Frater/Soror name enabling them to get into lodges and other member exclusive events.



The Grand Lodge Othroerir No. 1 USA aims to maintain transparency in regards to our financial management. In order to achieve this we keep a monthly treasury report that is recorded and sent out each month with dues notice to members by email likewise our exclusive face book group will have it posted as well.


   Our organization is not profitable when it comes to monetary support from members. Especially when you consider the time that mentors put into initiates it is more along the lines of service and voluntary leadership.  We are able raise enough funds to cover: postage, the online library at least. If there are other projects in need of funding we will have an assessment stamp that members can purchase to fund that material goal aim if they see it as vital to the growth of the order and it's efficiency in teaching.


   However this makes the exchange between leadership and students of the order more mutual aid and balanced. If the leadership paid for everything or most of the material aspects of the order then it would be come more like their group solely rather than a collective effort of shared responsibility. 

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