Is plagiarizing this ,  the secret and the Sci-fi writings of Robert Anton Wilson 






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  NOTICE! The groups listed have no ties to us nor lodge charters from Grand Lodge Othroerir USA No. 1  they are scams trying to rip people off.

 Likewise it is comical how there are hundreds of sites showing up now and that all think simply putting official in their title makes them a real Bavarian Illuminati lineage.



If the download link is defunct email:  for a free pdf.

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    Unfortunately many people get ripped off before they discover us. As a result we encourage people to report fraudulent and  false Illuminati Orders out there, so we can include them in our list:

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  Below is our counter propaganda efforts video to expose the fake pseudo website.

  The link can be posted in their FB comments, etc. to expose and troll them.


















   Facebook Illuminati scams promising to make you the next Jay Z likewise to the Snoops Dog: murder was the case video where Snoop says: "And everything that nigga said came to reality." In reference to selling his soul to the Devil.

   Obviously the selling of souls to the Devil urban myth is worn out, so now the trend is selling your soul to the Illuminati Order. But now in jest at least here is the video for your viewing.



Ordem Illuminati Grande Loja do Brasil. These guys have a treaty with Corvus and Marduk Zahgurim as a result we rejected our earlier one with them. Until they accept the conditions of our treaty of solidarity and sign the signatory of irradiation with is we are distancing ourselves from them.