You might be insincere about being Illuminati if:


You always have money for alcohol and drugs, yet you cannot even maintain your sub minimum monthly due of $5.00 USD.


You claim to of taken your blood oath and did the self initiation rite, but you still do things that would hinder the awakening in the conscience like using drugs and alcohol.


You cannot even complete a chart showing how you would organize each hour of the day for and entire week and return it to the Grand Lodge Othroerir.


You run around on social media and tell people outside the order that you are a member.


You flash your member card to girls on social media like a get laid card.


You constantly bring up your ranks in other organizations that amount to nothing more than membership organizations that demand no proof of real initiatory work on oneself.


You join pseudo groups that have no treaty from Grand Lodge Othroerir or charter and or have betrayed the Grand Lodge.


You think the Grand Lodge Othroerir not being just an Adam Weishaupt personality cult is grounds to break your oath and loyalty to the order and leadership.


You think that we should continue on the old failed revolutionary ideas that simply made the merchant class into the new monarchy.


You think we should be just like Adam Weishaupt and the old school order, but you do not even know the history well enough to know that the first order only accepted Christians and excluded Pagans and Jews.


You say we are hypocrites because we are anti capitalist, yet require dues and degree fees from our members. On the other hand you claim to be for brotherhood but expect the leadership to exhaust their resources to pay everything for you.


You talk about how committed you are to the order, but you don’t keep your magical record every day or even every three days.


You spend hours on face book and entertainment, but you say you do not have time for: liber resh vel helios, star ruby and your yogas.


You do not make monthly degree reports on the enuntiatum section of our website.


You have not even reviewed and began working on the list of magical journal guidelines and tasks of a Novice I’ Probationer I’.

You side with douche bags on twitter that promise to make you a King or Queen and say they are the Illuminati from Lemuria, blah, blah, blah!


You talk about how your bloodline makes you special, yet your own character is nothing like Wotan and you probably have never even been in a real combat situation.


You spend your time watching anti Illuminati conspiracy videos rather than reading books in our online library.


You are a bum and your own family does not even want anything to do with you, but you try to criticize order leadership with ad hominem attacks or petty guilty by association comments.


You think we answer to mainstream freemasonry and Califake OTO due to not taking the time to read our FAQ page or notices.


You think our rejection of the landmarks of Freemasonry is some how a bad thing or going against values of freemasonry.


You claim to be for humanity, but you support forced internationalism that leads to white genocide.